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If you love to share your tech stories and get people to read all about it, we have a place just to do that.
We have 4 category you can go, depends on what you interested doing.
  • Tech Daily
    This is where you share your news about the latest tech that just came out. You can put max 10 tech in each post.
  • DLC Shoutcast
    This is where you share your news related to DLCs/Mods that came out for a game etc. Exclusives does not count for DLCs.
  • Top 10 Moment
    This is the moment to shine your laughter. If you have something funny, you can share it here. Max is 10.
  • Game of The Year
    This is where you sum up 10 games and do a small review on it.
  • Or
    If you not into any of those, you can just write news that that have been happening or gaming related.
You can read more about it at We hope to see you there and see what interesting news you've posted.
Suggestion are welcome!

Also, you can register your account by Facebook, Twitter etc, but you can't change your login name as such. How to join:

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