Congratulations from an old supporter


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I'm nineteen years old, and my registration date says March 2006. According to that date, I was only fourteen years old when I first became a member of these forums.

Since then I've come and go every time I've gotten an urge to create something online; the only exception being a year ago when I rented a cheap VPS from a newly created host and took advantage of their discounted launch pricing. After a few months I no longer needed it and earlier this year they shut down and transferred clients elsewhere.

I remember coming here a long time ago and liking the lack of forced banner ads--you could have a free account with no ads (too basic for my needs), a better account with MySQL in exchange for a simple text link to x10Hosting, or the best free plan offered which still only required a single graphic to be placed on your site.

I'm amazed by the success of x10Hosting and it's great that I still can come here if I ever need to host a site. I've always recommended this host in particular to people wanting something really good for free or even a paid host they could count on, and I don't see any reason to stop.

Congratulations on your success, Corey.