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Hay x10Hosting Team,

I want to recover my account and hope you can help me. I talked about my problem with someone on your Discord channel, and he sent me the link to this forum and asked me to make a request, so here I am. So to begin with, I have a problem logging into my account. It keeps saying "Country Code Blocklisted Error." ( Code : EF8E9918D683DCA15 ) I also believe that I might have this problem because I have multiple accounts and I want all but one of them deactivated. The user name of this account is : AxisGamezz about domaIn i know nothing so i want to remove all the domain which associate with my account.. I got this domain ( ) domain and want to use it only. If you find this domain associated with any account, please remove it. Since I have multiple accounts, I cannot access any of them to remove them by myself.

Thanks; I hope I get a response soon.


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