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    In order to offer our services to as many people as possible while dealing with the heightened abuse from certain countries we have created a high risk plan. The difference between this plan and the normal plans is a limit of 500MB disk space and 10GB bandwidth. After you put up a website that falls inline with our terms of service and your account is at least 7 days old you may post a support ticket requesting for these limits to be lifted.

    Unfortunately if your country is not in High Risk or in the Whitelist we can not provide service to you at this time. Lists may be updated periodically depending on abuse levels from certain countries.

    United States
    United Kingdom
    New Zealand
    US Minor Outlying Islands
    Virgin Islands (U.S.)
    Virgin Islands (British)

    Any country not listed in High Risk or Whitelist

    High Risk
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    List updated 8 August 2012
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    List updated 6 June 2013

    Edit: List has been updated November 10th
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