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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by Wolvareen, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Wolvareen

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    Hi I recently figured out and Got my hosting site and everything figured out.. anf fixed.. but now when I try and login to my webhosting Cpanel it opens a web browser with username and password in a cpanel log in state....
    I tryed to place my username for the x10 webhosting and it says login attemp failed...
    I tryed placing my forum name and pssw as i tryed to log in..
    CEPT for some reaso it keeps saying cpanel login attemp failed..
    Unfortunately I am unable to log in to edit/craete my website.
    Am I doing soemthing wrong?
    did i not sign up for the cpanel or..... o_O <- is now dizzy
    okay.. my website I have is
    I am trying just to place that site to this area so i can have a forum for my guild in world of warcraft...
    their user interface is what i am used to...
    so I am just tryignt o fugure out sertain things as I go along.
    any advice or help would be greatfully appreciated.
    thanks for the onfo and for the help.. the support is awsoem! LOL
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