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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by sprinter, May 20, 2008.

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  1. sprinter

    sprinter New Member

    I have the ability to access cPanel and login.. however the home cPanel page never loads...

    Server Load[​IMG]20.16

    Apache HTTP[​IMG]Online





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  2. Russ

    Russ <b>Retired *****</b>

    Are you able to login now?
  3. sprinter

    sprinter New Member

    yes, it is working now.

    however, i need to ask a favor. will an administrator please delete the sites folder within my public_html directory? thanks
  4. DefecTalisman

    DefecTalisman Community Advocate Community Support

    This is something you can do yourself either through "File manager" in cpanel or a FTP client such as FileZilla.
  5. sprinter

    sprinter New Member

    lol, i know how to delete the folder. there is a problem with it, however, and it will not delete. It happens sometimes on shared hosting.... that is why I asked.
  6. Fedlerner

    Fedlerner Former Adm & Team Manager Community Support

    Directory public_html/sites deleted.

    Feel free to re-open this thread if you need further assistance.
  7. sprinter

    sprinter New Member

    I cannot delete public_html/sites or public_html/images...please do so for me.

  8. GamingX

    GamingX Executive Team

    Set the folder permissions to 755 and also the permissions inside the folder to 755 and then try deleting them.
  9. Christopher

    Christopher Retired

    If this is still a problem, use the legacy file manager.
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