DirectAdmin & pesky script


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After many attempts, I can't get to files with File Manager, on DirectAdmin. Every time I get close a pop-up appears, warning of an inactive script. The script is usually called:

Sometimes, it ends with the numbers :1 or :165. Whether I stop the script or let it run, it either freezes things, or redirects me to start over. Since I have no clue about de-bugging, I thought I'd throw it out here for someone to play with.

Admittedly, my antique software may compound the problem, & my internet connection is excruciatingly slow. Still, it would be nice if the new control panel worked as effectively as cPanel did.
Luckily, FileZilla seems to work, even better than before, so I can access files that way. I suppose I'll still have to log on to x10hosting every 30 days, to no purpose other than ticking the attendance box.