DirectAdmin Update and more

Eric S

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We have made some updates to DirectAdmin so you may notice some changes. Please note if your account defaulted to the new theme and you wish to return to the previous version you may go back to the old style / theme very easily. You should see a "Skin options" icon on the main control panel page. The layout before this update was I believe set to "standard" or you can always just enjoy the fresh new look!

As for signups re-opening progress is being made with the updates on our backend to hopefully allow registrations to be open longer without any need for this long of downtime in the future.

As a reminder this week is a holiday week for most of the team here in the US along with some of our volunteers. You may have some longer than normal replies to support request or questions during this time.

Lastly everyone from the x10hosting team is very THANKFUL for each and every one of our community members and we are looking forward to sharing the future in web hosting with all of you!