Do frames cause a problem?

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by Shoelace, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Shoelace

    Shoelace New Member

    Hopefully someone knows the answer to this. It is kind of long so here is the quotes first:

    and also:

    So yeah, do you guys want me to get rid of the frames altogether if it creates a problem? Hopefully I get an answer because I don't want to bother you guys if I get suspanded because of this reason.

    Anyways, I included the last quote because I have a question about that too. There is this postinfo.html in my filemanger space and it has something to do with frontpage. I never made that page and it must of added itself. Do I delete it, put an ad on it, or just leave it alone?
  2. Bryon

    Bryon I Fix Things Staff Member

    It is perfectly ok for you to have ads. As long as they are visable, and you can see them from your "main site".

    My ad checking script even looks in frames for ads.. :)
  3. Shoelace

    Shoelace New Member

    Thank you very much. :p

    Also, does anyone know anything about my second question?
  4. TheJeffsta

    TheJeffsta New Member

    Im pretty sure you can just leave it. Its just there as a sort of file database or something. It isn't really ever publicly viewable so yeah. This is usually a file created if you have created a form on your website and have selected a file database.

    Im not 100% sure about it, but if I'm wrong, anyother users can correct me :)
  5. Shoelace

    Shoelace New Member

    okay thanks I am going to leave it, until anyone says otherwise.
  6. Chris S

    Chris S Retired

    If you have it linked it must have ads. So if people can click a link and view the page you must also see the ads.

    I believe that that file is there for the cpanel file editor information. But i could be wrong on that.
  7. TheJeffsta

    TheJeffsta New Member

    One thing, he is not sure what its used for or whether anything links to it or makes use of it.

    It might help us if you post any php scripts that you are using on your hosting account, some of them do create odd random files.
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