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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a domain and I set it all up. I parked it in cpanel and I set up the dns to point to the x10 name servers. I can view my site just fine, but there is one issue: The url is still just the x10 one and not my new domain I bought.

When I enter my new domain the url just changes to the x10 one. That looks a bit odd and that's kinda the point of getting your own domain, isn't it?

So I've been searching around for a few days now and I found some topics related to this, but they all date back 4+ years and all seem to refer to entering your domain somewhere in the account panel. However I think the panel has been changed since and the option to enter your domain doesn't seem to be around anymore :frown: Did it get moved somewhere else? Or is there another way to fix the url?

This is the first time I got my own domain so I'm all new to this stuff, so if I made a newby mistake I'm not aware of it xD Any help here is appreciated. In case you want to see the problem my domain is:
I'm still working on the site, but that's not the point here :tongue:
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