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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by dannyb0986, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. dannyb0986

    dannyb0986 New Member

    Hey everyone, I am working on a website that will be released soon, and was once able to send confirmation emails to my members, but now for some reason cant. Everything in the database and the code stayed the same, the only thing that did change was my domain, and I got a new email for cpanel. Does anybody know whats wrong?

    Edit*** It isnt working for anyone else with x10hosting as well with free accounts
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  2. GtoXic

    GtoXic x10 Support

    hi, please note that on the free servers mail may take a few hours to be processed due to a spam filter they have to go through, if you want faster mail, please feel free to use the premium services or buy Illuminated/Prime membership found in your account panel at
  3. dannyb0986

    dannyb0986 New Member

    Yes but see, these emails never came. Its been days
  4. GtoXic

    GtoXic x10 Support

    hmm? Have you checked the Junk mail of the inbox(es). If they aren't there, then the spam filter might have caught em.
  5. Skizzerz

    Skizzerz Free Hosting Guru Contributors

    I'm going to get an admin to look into this, as I think the email systems as a whole might be down right now.
  6. dannyb0986

    dannyb0986 New Member

    I think it is as well.

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    This isnt very good, that all of emailing is down. The reputation of the website cant be good

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    I mean host, if this is going to happen
  7. descalzo

    descalzo Grim Squeaker Community Support

    Best thing is to avoid the system if possible.

    1. Set up Google Apps account for the domain name. Free.
    2. Use cPanel to set up the MX records of your domain to point to Google. That way all incoming mail goes to the Google Apps account and you can read it there.
    3. Use PHPMailer and SMTP in scripts instead of mail() to send your outgoing mail through Google.
    4. WordPress and Drupal both have settings/plugins that allow you to use SMTP and Google. I assume most other major scripts have the same.
    5. Added benefit is that Hotmail and others will not blacklist/bounce the email.
  8. dannyb0986

    dannyb0986 New Member

    Yea but I want to keep using my domain on my website. Also, i dont need to recieve mail i just need to send a confirmation link to my members. Please explain these steps more as I am new to the mail function

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    And this never happened before. I dont know why all of the sudden this is happening

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    Do you have any more details?
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