"Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed"

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Server: xo3
Running: Wordpress 4.2.2

Not sure what's actually going on, but it seems my site suddenly stopped working - and it was working fine earlier today.

Full error:

Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Backend fetch failed

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XID: 7045161

Varnish cache server

According to cPanel:
Your site has been limited within the past 24 hours

CPU resources were limited for your site

You have reached entry processes (number of simultaneously running php and cgi scripts, as well as cron jobs and shell sessions) limit 7 times

Your site might hit resource limits soon

You had 1024 I/O usage out of 1024 max I/O usage allowed

I'm not sure how, or why. The last post I made was a week or so ago, here: http://reviewhaven.x10.mx/top-5-video-game-boss-fights/ and only required me to upload a few small images.

I recently updated some stuff on my Google Webmaster Tools account..could that be causing the issue? Other than that, I haven't changed anything on the site itself.

As of this writing, cPanel says the site currently has 1 of 5 Entry Processes, though earlier it was actually maxed out. That said, I still can't connect to the site. Still getting the 503 error.

Is it a problem on my end, or is it a problem on the xo3 server?
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