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    Hello Website Owners, Greetings!

    Now you can have a link exchange with TechnoWorldInc. Your website will be displayed on the Links Page of TechnoWorldInc website.

    Your website must meet the following criteria to make a link exchange with

    Display of your link in

    Your link will be displayed on the links page of
    Your link will be displayed under the Specific Category.

    Display of TechnoWorldInc link in your website:

    The link must be displayed clearly on the Home page or the Links Page of your website.
    The link must be displayed under the title 'Link Exchange' or 'Related Websites'.
    The text of the link must be '' hyperlinked to

    Post your link directly at After logging in to your account.
    or just reply to this thread.
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  2. tittat

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    mine is and
    if you are interested go to my site and submit your site by clicking links page.

    the text of link of my site must be "Earn $2500/month,no investment" linked.

    i have one more site you and i will put your link there also (for free no link back required there).
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  4. tittat

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    i added your site you cav view your site at

    i request you to add my site manually as i dont want to register.

    my site:
    site description:Get $2500 per month. No investment required. No credit cards required. Its completely free.
    link text: "Get $2500 per month. No investment required"

    pls post the link back to my site here after you have finished...
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    I've added your link at;cat=12
  7. tittat

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    How long you will keep my link in your site?
    I will do as long as you keep a backlink to my site.
    thanxs for adding my site...cheers...
    i have one more site
    it falls under category blogs or personal website.pls add that site also at your site.
    the link back to your sit can be found at

    pls post here when you are finished...
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    I am interested. I have submitted to links page but as my Apache is failed right now you cannot check for backlink =(
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    I can see a backlink and I've approved your link Mate..


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