Filezilla directory problems!!!

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by shedbiddingsales53, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. shedbiddingsales53

    shedbiddingsales53 New Member

    When I try to connect to my directory via Filezilla, my directory _public and other folders are not there. But when I use X10's Cpanel all my files are there but uploading one file by one is abit tedious.

    Any help?
    Thanks, Dave.
  2. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    What I have found on my account, and from x10hosting's forums, and from x10hosting's IRC (chat), and from x10hosting's 'status'

    x10hosting's free-hosting servers Boru and Stoli are currently undergoing maintenance and software updating

    if your account is on one of these servers
    your site might not load - looks to be 'down'
    your cPanel might not load -or not have all icons -or shows wrong (current) data about your account
    your programs inside cPanel might not run or throws errors - such as Email and phpMyAdmin
    your FTP client might throw errors while trying to upload or download files - looks like all files are deleted
    your PHP scripts might throw errors due to missing add-ons
    your Email accounts might not send and or receive mail
    your database(s) might not show - looks to be 'deleted' or throws errors
    your Cron job(s) might not run (work) - looks to be deleted

    until this maintenance is finished - you account on ether of these servers - might show or do any of the above

    Support tickets regarding issues on these servers will be closed without an answer during this time

    my account is on server Stoli
  3. rikkilambo

    rikkilambo New Member

    Yep, it appears that FTP is still currently down as of now. However, the cPanel File Manager is actually a very powerful tool if used correctly. If you have multiple folders and files you need to upload, you can simply compress your entire website into a Zip file on your local machine, upload it via the cPanel File Manager, and extract the files remotely using the Extract button.
  4. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    if and when cPanel throws or shows no errors

    right now my site has no files with cPanel or FTP
  5. herzschaltung29

    herzschaltung29 New Member

    I'm having problems with Stoli too. My script worked, but now it says there's a missing Class ('XSLTProcessor' - the script is located at

    Without XSLT my script is useless! I used it to track changes to an open source project.

    The status page says Stoli manteinance is finished, but that XSLT class is still gone! :(

    Please, tell me if there is something wrong with my account only. If you want to take a look at the script, here it is, under version control: (there are a php and an xsl files)

    And, please just try the script if you have an account at Stoli and tell me if it works and it's just me or Stoli is to blame.
  6. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    at [ ] - I receive this error
    ==> Fatal error: Class 'XSLTProcessor' not found in /home/camilomm/public_html/msile/revision-feed.php on line 8 <==

    tells me - it is not in the current build or version of PHP on your server cluster Stoli

    server cluster Stoli still has issues
  7. herzschaltung29

    herzschaltung29 New Member

    @ajordan91 Thanks for the response. But, why they don't say that in the status page? (this one:

    Because I'd be much more at ease if they said "your site will be down for about one week, but we're working on it".

    Is there anything else I can check to know when Stoli will be normal again?
  8. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    one of the known issues with x10hosting's free-hosting - is no 'one' place to see current status

    and most post - that are made - are never updated

    in a post I made in this thread - I use

    ==> What I have found on my account, and from x10hosting's forums, and from x10hosting's IRC (chat), and from x10hosting's 'status' <==

    to make that list
  9. herzschaltung29

    herzschaltung29 New Member

    I have never used IRC so I wouldn't know where to start (and the few times I saw one I found it a bit daunting to look at), are people there talking about this or just a few folks on Stoli are having these issues?

    Also, I suspect paid hosting users do not have this sort of downtime, right? I mean, if I get the paid hosting, I'm supposed to be up almost all the time right? (all this downtime looks like pressure to have us upgrade accounts really... I'm sure even reinstalling Linux and a software suit shouldn't take several days)

    Oh and forgot to mention that I had problems with Filezilla (FTP gave an empty directory listing and upload didn't work, but in cPanel everything was looking good) before too, but now it works.
  10. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    x10hosting's free-hosting - IRC chat - people talk about a lot of things and all the servers that have issues
    to connect to x10hosting's IRC without an IRC client - see ==>
    the only thing you need to do is - enter a 'nick' - like you did here in the forum - you do not need to say anything when inside

    "Also, I suspect paid hosting users do not have this sort of downtime, right?"
    if you talking about 'Premium' type of account - yes they do have down time
    - but remember this down time is not normal for any hosting type

    "all this downtime looks like pressure to have us upgrade accounts really..."
    I do not think so - how can I sell you a car if all the other cars I sold did not run ?

    "I'm sure even reinstalling Linux and a software suit shouldn't take several days"
    will not 'days' but making a backup can take more than 24 hours
    server cluster Boru has +30000000 user files - count the zeros
    that is files the users have in their accounts

    now I am not saying x10hosting's free-hosting support is all that good
    most of the 'volunteers' IMO have a 'redneck attitude'
    and as we know - there is no current status on anything

    I keep my site files - setup on more than one host
    that way when a site goes down on a host I just change
    the DNS to point at one of the other hosts
  11. herzschaltung29

    herzschaltung29 New Member

    Thanks! That was useful. Bookmarked.

    Well yes, a few hours each now and then would be understandable...

    I'm planning on getting the premium account because I also suppose we get to use SSH and a few other niceties (actually because I'm planning to make websites for a living).

    OMG, that must be a zillion of users! I've never seen (personally) a server with more than ~1000 files.

    I just wanted to mention this fresh from the IRC (I'm camilomm):
    | does anyone know if it could cause any problem having more than one account for mirror purposes and redirecting to the one that works with a third-party domain provider?
    I can't see any problems being caused

    we could find out easily, but we still wouldn't have a problem with you doing so

    So, what DNS do you use? I'm planning to do the same just in case.

    By the way, good news because Stoli's back on it seems, my script works.

    ---------- Post added at 10:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:37 PM ----------

    By the way the post above looked better. Dunno what happened.
  12. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    I am saying use your own domain
    then change the DNS to the one for the host you are moving to
    at your domain registrar

    all my data is still gone from my account on server Stoli
  13. herzschaltung29

    herzschaltung29 New Member

    Ah I see, when I get a domain I'll look into that :p

    What data? Database? Files? Everything?
    And, do you have a backup right? (right...?)

    What if you upload the backup that I imagine you do have?

    PS: If you don't have backups and in the future you want to, use SVN/Git/Hg while you develop your site... it doubles as a backup.
  14. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    #1 - everything

    #2 - I use SpiderOak for backup of my program files and Cron jobs to backup my databases

    my point is - I did not delete all my data from my account

    if it was the files from folder [ public_html ] that would be one thing - but all data is gone
  15. herzschaltung29

    herzschaltung29 New Member

    What, really? Do you mean your whole home directory?

    Does cPanel still work? Can you open the file manager on it (and what do you see)?
  16. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    #1 - FTP I see only the folder [ public_html ] and it has one file - [ .htaccess ] with zero (0) bytes in size

    #2 - in cPanel file manager same as FTP

    most folders above [ public_html ] are empty

    cPanel - Email accounts - gone
    cPanel - Forwarders - gone
    cPanel - Auto Responders - gone
    cPanel - Subdomains - gone
    cPanel - Addon Domains - gone
    cPanel - Parked Domains - gone
    cPanel - MySQL Databases - gone
    cPanel - Cron Jobs - gone

    I am sure there are other items missing
  17. herzschaltung29

    herzschaltung29 New Member

    Man, that sure is scary. What can I say, open a support ticket if you still haven't. But do tell me what happens in the end because it's a grim prospect. I wouldn't even know how to backup cPanel settings.
  18. belltown

    belltown Member

    I can't access any of my files through FTP either. The support thread says: [Complete] Boru - Maintenance ... Completed on 4/6/2012. However, when I use FileZilla to access my files all I get is an empty directory listing. The files do show up in the cPanel File Manager, however.
  19. ajordan91

    ajordan91 Banned

    if you look here -->

    you see the work started on March 26, 2012

    IMO they (support) mark it 'Complete' due to it being down so long

    as we know it still has a lot of issues and is not 'Complete'

    you issue with FTP started back in March
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