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Hi all

Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Mark and am highly pleased with X10

I am more or less completely self taught in many respects of IT , equally highly professional in electronics , electrical and many other trades or at least I do my level best to be so

Struggling as we all do and having to learn so much I am aware many of us are in positions where to find funds for courses is probably the most challenging part of our lives , highly frustrating this is on the best of occasion particularly if you are unemployed or are in receipt of very low wages or none at all , never mind limiting even if you can do the job at hand but are bing prevented from doing so due the absurdity of paper means all

Without having to delve into the world of politics which as we all know vastly affect our lives currently , especially with red tape , must have certificates for this that and the other, not that this really means to much these days but is probably the worst excuse in the book for not employing people when they could , can and should based in expertise , years of knowledge etc

Expanding some what on this although I dont think many if us realise or perhaps some do as to just how sad this situation has become , "Thank god for X10 !" ,

This is not just with unemployment but also for economy with tactics that seem very much to prevent all from actually doing anything or any job which quite frankly really seems deliberate @ times equally perfectly disgusting , quite pathetic whilst for what purpose I will never quite understand or comprehend having met many who are extremely talented , know exactly what they are about but yet are shall we perhaps suggest pushed to the wayside ( Term this possibly a you might in quite a number of circumstances )

Arguments as I think we all know only to well are as follows

Not enough experience,

No knowledge of this that and the other and well I guess there is about every single excuse under the sun which seemingly is all designed I often feel not too rather than could can and will creating somewhat better prospects and futures for many who just do have real ability and talent

These days education , covid-19 are now used as any excuse to create a no co operation route , all seems to be top secret with of course costs astronomical , even totally ridiculous in many cases

Hence the purpose of my input tonight is to show all that in fact , "There is hope "

Although a very difficult path to travel at times whilst I am thankfully able to say that there are people who have recognised this and acted upon this accordingly ,

"Thank god for the dedicated staff of X10 "

If only I could award these people something slightly better than the insulting 1% bonus in pay rise that UK government awarded NHS staff with a completely useless application for test and trace exposed by panorama while UK government argues over the cost of refurbishing number 10 downing street

When you think on these levels and see what command does and to every country then you really do see the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth although they always do their level best to hide this

I have and always have where ever possible constantly done my level best to show others what can be achieved with open source particularly , sites such as X10 when I am only to fully aware of a system that has let so many talented people down and left many with nothing and even less than zero which brings me to hopefully the point of this discussion

Hope has indeed arrived

I could use film and acting extracts in man phrases but chances are i dare say some may well complain this may not be politically correct or attempt to sue over some distant far fetched copy right act , knowing how mad to the point of insanity the world has become

So here comes the good news

I chanced on a site the other day having decided to never let the seemingly impossible beat me even if at age 57 , while life in tatters and has been since the last never ending stock market crash 2014 and before where I think we could also say or so it would seem left many bare to the bone and worse

I am indeed a dinosaur somewhat prehistoric in nature and not quite your trendy fashionable model of AD 2021 thankfully without the sharp teeth , although having matured with what I consider remarkable talent seeing much of industry and not allot that I also wanted to see in life including the good , the bad and of course the downright ugly

Moving on having interests in IT and embedded technologies , networking and many other interests we need C , C plus plus , and many other skills to remain somewhat competitive even when I do only move at top speed of 0. 0055 miles per hour

A remarkable fete of endurance for me and probably will set the next set the next reord breaker in the guiness book of records

Sadly the signs of our much desired youth in which our internal engines not being quite as robotic , automated much to people disgust do slow down and nature takes over

However not to worry , never fear as they say , for as youth leaves many of us , wisdom and perseverance in many aspects presides where we can at least point others and hopefully with far more desirable professional approaches and wish for their success

For others whom I know would love to learn some of this which I equally I am aiming to transpose to my site here on X10 along with business and encouragement for others who could equally benefit or I would hope they do I have come across sites that many may not be aware of which does not charge you for modules to learn these languages and will take you all the way through to exam status

The site I would like to refer you too is as follows

Admittedly this is hard going with respect that you need to be of the type that can motivate yourselves ( Not easy as you you become older I think this we all know )

However the rewards of success will prove their worth when it comes to subjects such as QT , IOT , embedded and may other offshoots inclusive industrial control , security in general and will provide far more interest and attraction to X10 just on its own hopefully with its current members which I dearly want to see double , treble , having had communications with persons on this site who have really been extremely helpful and patient with people like myself

Qualities that we simply just do not see these days in not just IT but many a business mostly these days extreme un co-operative and not quite the same as we once I think all knew , and were happy with

I am recommending your site to many particularly in relation to freedom of speech , whilst also appreciating , need for tolerance and respect for others which has also become quiet a sad state of affairs and very one side I think too

The examples of which are the likes of Facebook and twitter who these days even remove decent content regrading educational websites or articles whilst ignoring the real issues which are of real threat that we all face now owing to the interconnectivity of the net and in many cases just total disregard for warnings or are simply intolerant of reality and real truths about many a systematic failure

I'm recommending this site along with other online tutors whom I am inviting to join X10 and will continue due to their professionalism that I have come to know well and over a good few years plus its an outstanding platform which will prove no end of help to those trying to learn many a skill

The type of persons whom are extremely professional with approach and present many a course which all could benefit from on on sites such as UTUBE

As matter of invitation I'm passing details of very pleasant , very helpful , very patient man by the name of Bryan Cairns who currently runs a Facebook platform know as Void Realms with many tutorials

These free by the way on UTUBE , although Bryan does offer more which you pay for and justifiably so equally

I'm also taking the time introduce h other person who are highly dissatisfied with the current community standards division who appear to target not the unwanted type of people but seem to target those whom they can pick on easily for what ever reason for simply being honest and daring to discuss the real issues which we definitely are facing today without doubt

Without boring any of you to tears here are the links which hopefully other will see as true leaders of quality which Id would hope will join x10

Links as follows

Thank you for reading and hopefully some of this was of interest to yourselves with links that I hope you might like to pursue

Best Regards to all while i continue as and when I can to develop my own site here n X10 with the help and guidance of professionals on this site

Have a good day leaving you with some of what I have achieved on self taught basis via the good will and efforts of many people
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