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Forum Games Rules

Following are the rules please follow them and have FUN.
  • The Forum Games section is only for games you play in the x10Hosting Forums. If you want to talk about games separate from the forums (console games and the like), please head on over to Gamer's Lounge.

  • There is a difference between games and spam. You can post Off-Topic threads in the Off-Topic section. You cannot post spam anywhere.

  • Do not post support request here, Post support request in Free Hosting Section. You WILL receive an infraction for posting support requests anywhere in the forum.

  • Do not duplicate threads.

  • Do not bump dead threads. If no-one has posted in it for over 30 days, it is dead. You are allowed to create new thread with same topic in this case

  • Make it clear from the title of the thread, what the game is. People do not want to guess.

  • Please follow the rules of the game that you are playing. Games are only fun when people follow the rules.

  • Talking Bad While Posting in Forums Games will not be tolerated.

Note: These rules are all written by TechAsh. themasterrocker, Fahad revised them when he came to power, and now I have revised them.
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