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  • All posts should be understandable by English speakers.
  • Forum content belongs to the users who post it.
  • Posts are not representative of
  • Large Images and files should not be directly posted in a topic.
  • x10Hosting staff members' decisions, when acting as a whole, are final
  • If you feel you have been acted unfairly against, you are entitled to appeal to another moderator for a second opinion
  • This forum, as well as hosting services, are provided "as is" and may be withdrawn or discontinued at any time without notice.
  • Promotion of software & music piracy and any other illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
  • Referal links are OK as long as a non-referal link is provided.
No Flaming:
  • You may not post anything purposely designed to intimidate or insult a particular forum member.
  • If you must, criticise constructively.
  • Profanity is automatically filtered, deliberate attempts to bypass the filter are not allowed.
  • Groundless prejudice will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination against;
  • Race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, belief, religion, nationality
  • Pornography, nudity and eroticism (both images and text) are inappropriate and should not be posted.
No Spamming:
  • Do not deliberately repeat-post, repeat-email or repeat-PM. One message should be sufficient to communicate your message.
  • This is especially true for communication with x10 staff members.
  • Post your message in the appropriate forum.
  • No useless posts except in the off-topic forum.
  • (eg "I agree." without a reason)
  • Do not copy and paste large sections of text. Try to use important quotes only.
  • Please don't copy entire reviews, articles and tutorials when a simple link will suffice.
  • Do not overuse smilies.
  • They are there to convey emotions, not annoy people.
  • Signatures must be of a reasonable size and not interfere with users browsing the forum.
  • Do NOT PM staff members unless asked to do so.
  • Advertising of another host or service that relates to x10 is strictly prohibited.
  • This includes signatures, PMs, or E-mail from the forum.
No Trolling:
  • Intentional malicious impersonation of any other person is not allowed.
  • Do not post comments designed to provoke other members into flaming.
  • If you believe any of these rules are being broken by another user please inform a member of the Moderation Team by sending a Report (click on the "Report" link on the appropriate message).
  • If you feel that any staff member has acted inappropriately please PM Corey or Bryon.
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