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Rules for Site Design & Development

I've been seeing a lot of topics in the wrong place at SD&D, and I am going to make a topic for each subforum of SD&D to tell you what kind of topics SHOULD be in each forum, which shouldn't be in each forum, and the things I expect you guys to follow for each forum (specific rules, if there are any) :)

What should be in SD&D > Tutorials?
  • Anything that shows other members how to do things on the internet
  • This place is for teaching and learning how to do things on the internet.(They can vary from how to use any of the resources x10 gives you with your hosting account to free DNS providers and how to use them to anything else that might be helpful to the community)
This place is not
  • for graphic or site design, or any site template discussion go to Graphics & Webdesign (If you need help on how to do this or that on Photoshop or how to do a template for your bulletin board)
  • for problems with coding languages [/B](such as HTML/CSS/PHP) go to the programming forum.
    [*]for problems with 3rd party programs go to Scripts & 3rd Party Apps (such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, e107 problems, etc,.)
    [*]for reviewing your site template or your site go to Review my Site
    (this includes any templates)
Rule of this Forum:

The x10 Rules of course:
Terms of Serivce
Things you should read before posting
IRC Support Chat for X10

Special Rules for this Forum Only:
  • I highly encourage Constructive Criticism when reviewing another person's tutorial. Any rude behavior to another member shall not and will not be tolerated.
  • I highly encourage to give suggestions to the creator of the tutorial if their are things you think are better. The creator in return should give the suggester credit for making the suggestion :)
  • Requests for tutorials are not allowed! They will be deleted. If any user does this repetitively they will get an infraction for spam.

Note: These rules are all written by Kkenny and now I have revised them.
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