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hostFB is free hosting for your Facebook fan page iframe applications. Now that Facebook allowed iframe on Fan pages and Tabs, you can easily add your custom fan page applications and host them for absolutely free at You don’t have to search for eligible hosting provider, buy account, await the activation and bore with overloaded control panels. We are going to do that all for you; moreover, we will do that for absolutely free. You’ll see that hostFB is exactly what you needed.

It’s free

Registration as well as hosting your fan page applications with hostFB will cost you absolutely nothing. Moreover, you will get an instant access to the collection of premium Facebook templates for your fan page applications.

It’s easy

All you have to do is to Register your free account, create a fan page, upload fan page application zip to hostFB server and get a Canvas URL to be further used on Facebook application wizard. Should you have any troubles with your fan page app integration process, you may download the app installation guide with step-by-step setup instructions.

It’s secure

We do care about security and privacy policy of each and every of our users. None of the personal information (such as name, email nor submitted files) is disclosed, shared or sold to other users or third parties.
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