Free Software: Temptation Blocker

Discussion in 'Scripts, 3rd Party Apps, and Programming' started by n4tec, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. n4tec

    n4tec New Member

    Source: WebJillion

    Source: WebJillion

    Is it great? thanx to B.Adam i can now be focused..

    About B.Adam: he is the founder of CSS REBOOT.. He also participates in it. the Co founder is .. his other site is I signup there...

    that should be all you need to know..
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  2. chaganlal1

    chaganlal1 New Member

    Very nice im going ot try this out with programs to block people who use my computer.
  3. haqzombie

    haqzombie New Member

    That is by far the coolest program I've ever seen...I wonder if it can block programs like IE/Firefox and stuff, because I spend WAY too much time surfin the net.

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