[Free] Top-level Domain Names for a few posts!


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Hey all,

I'm giving away domain names for a few posts at my forums.

You get NamePoints for posting, usually a .info costs 165 NamePoints;
however for users coming from x10hosting a .info will cost 70 NamePoints!
The only requirement besides 70 NP is having posted at least 10 threads
(You get 15 NP for signing up and 5 NP for liking our facebook page, the 50 NP left are easy to get! -- actually less than 30 new threads are enough to get 70 NP)

This offer is available for 2 users. First come first serve. You can always PM me here or at my forums to ask if the offer is still ongoing!

(Just request a domain name and include x10hosting forums username so we know you came from this site and we'll apply the offer)

I'm in! I want the free domain name for a few posts! Click here to enter the domain forums: ProNamers
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