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Hey guys,

My forum is:

Recently I've just resurrected an old gaming forum of mine and have finished setting most of the stuff up. I am looking for people who has similar interest in this project and would like to help out.

It's a gaming forum and the boards you see are what I would like to focus on. I'd like to target a few games in the beginning, just haven't figured out which ones yet.

I've added a credit system where each post/replies can earn you credits which can then be spent in the forum shop. There will be cool prizes to be earned. Contests will definitely be held awarded with rl money.

Of course, at the end of the day if you like my forum you are very welcomed to sign up to become a member :)

So if you are interested please either reply or PM me here with your details or register on my forum and PM me (iknowyou) there.