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Gamer's Lounge is a place for the members of x10 hosting community to converse on many topics relating to gaming in general to the gaming industry.

As the new moderator of Gamer's Lounge I'm implementing a few rule changes. All of's forum rules apply here as well as the following:

1. No discussions of illegal activities

Encouraging or engaging in any illegal activities such as the discussion/distribution of warez/no-cd cracks/key generators/modification to play unauthorized games (not limited to these) is strictly prohibited. This also includes ROMs and emulators, even if there may be some legal ones, they still encourage illegal acts. This is a bannable offense.

Piracy issues can only be discussed within the context of the gaming industry.

An example of this would be the discussion of DRM issues, how piracy effects the gaming industry etc.

2. No advertising

Advertising personal web pages that do not pertain to gaming or gaming related areas should not be posted here. This also includes any gold selling or buying websites.

This rule does not mean you cannot link to a blog or a web page relating to gaming news or gaming articles.

3. No SPAM.

Posting Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages will result in an infraction as this rule applies to the entire forum.

4. No flaming.

Flaming is the act of making derogatory comments about another member. Please keep it civil and be respectful to each other even if you disagree with them on certain things.

5. Do not bump dead threads.

The cut off for replying to a thread will be no later than 6 months (unless the thread is a sticky). If the topic bumped is older than that it will be closed.

Please follow the rules and we won't have any problems.

The moderators of Gamer's Lounge​
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