Guest Posters wanted!


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When I redesigned my site Cyber Sky, i lost few of my tips/tricks and tutorials i had collected. I am slowly slowly putting up the ones i managed to save as form of a back up but the process is incredibly slow due to some other work I am stuck up with. As of now there are 6 such posts.

I need a volunteer to post more.

I will provide a software I have made in which all u have to do is enter the name, short description, long description, how to, pro/cons of using it. U can check an example here - Infinite Folders
Once u enter all of that in the software, it will automatically generate the needed files in the format for the website and send them to me which I shall then read and upload.

I do not have any money to offer, but this is what u get:
U get to put ur name or your link once in the post, ur name shall be mentioned in the about us page/our team page with ur website address if u want and any other credit as per discussion.

Let me know if u are interested :)
and, more the people volunteer, the merrier ! :D