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Hello X10 and community :smile:

I openned up an account searching for a decent free hosting place for the school board I work for. I'm the Web programmer for this school board. Some teachers teach students the basic of html and how to create Websites but don't have the funds or not budgeted for a host provider. I will be consulting them to X10 if teachers ask about hosting.

I am impressed with this free service. I didn't really know what to do with my account so to test the services of PHP and MySql I installed phpbb. I am impressed with all the tools your given for free. In fact I like it so much I might just keep my account and try to do someting usefull with it. Right now all I have is this: http://bidzey.x10.mx/ . The most usefull thing I could think of was to put a flash banner promoting X10 in the top corner.

About me:
I am a Web designer/programmer mostly in PHP SQL PL/SQL (Oracle) and MySql. Of course HTML, Javascript, CSS are gimmies... they're the basic block. If I'm available, and you need help in that area don't be afraid to ask. If I'm in a bind I'll ask you.

thanks for the free service X10 :smile:
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:) HOWDY! :)
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