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Hey Admins.

I am now able to log into my fris cpanel, and see my database, but my database is currently empty and all of my hosted files are gone.

I was just wondering if they haven't been unpacked yet or what the deal was with that please if somebody could get back to be that would be awesome

On another note, I want to send out another apology for being such a pain, I am sorry its just when I lost my hosting I didn't know what to do, its been 5 days with out my site which I used for my clan and we were working on using it as a huge recruiting tool--

So I once again want to apologize to the admins and am grateful for the free services that you offer. I always get mad at work when people are mad that their free delievery wasnt the first stop on the truck *I work for lowes as a driver hahahahaha* and I just want to punch them in the face and say sorry, were doing our best but it was FREE.

If the files and database are missing in action, I understand that it was my responsibility in the TOS to save my files. I guess what has most of us upset is that we could not get an real anwser other than see the migration page which hadnt been updated in a week. But please get back to me in regard to the files and database, Thank you ver much -- Beau Lewis
Not open for further replies.