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Discussion in 'Scripts, 3rd Party Apps, and Programming' started by ullyeus8661, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. ullyeus8661

    ullyeus8661 New Member

    Well I'm not sure where to put this up, but please move this to the right place if I made a mistake. Anyway, I'm running OpenCart v1.5.0 and I kept having issues with it logging me out and giving me this "Invalid token session. Please login again." error randomly when I try to do anything in the Administration page and asking me to log back in. But it obviously kept telling me the same error.

    And yes, I tried searching on both here and on the OpenCart forums and I've tried every single thing possible and nothing seems to work :( Or is there something that I'm missing?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. webkoot.tk37

    webkoot.tk37 New Member

    my self had same problem with 1.5.5 in my site :( so i decided to use 1.4.7 instead:biggrin:, it works fine 8)but they say there are some security issues with it:eek:,but i had no choice so its better you degrade your oc :rolleyes:or try another host:tongue:

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