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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by winnings, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. winnings

    winnings New Member

    I am only using the script installer you have given us usage on the cpanel to install elgg.

    Now elgg is a community script as you may know. which means if i want a site to ahve a community and hopefully get members then i will loose my account due to the 3 warnings of cpu usage because i just got 2 warnings within 48 hours of installing the script of just me and my friend testing it.

    My question is that is there a way I could possibly get discarded from this warning or get more usage ability.
    I am building a community which will build itself very fast.
    The donations will be spent onto a premium host later and VPS.

    I love this webhost and want to continue using it only if i don't get more problems with using what you give me.
    Trust me when i say this, I will be getting premium hosting with you guys later on in the future

    NOW MY ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED all i did was use my site all by myself
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  2. Gouri

    Gouri Community Paragon Community Support


    3rd High resource usage suspension, Only the staff can unsuspend you,

    The premium hosting has less restrictions as compared to fee hosting and also has premium support.

    Escalated to staff
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