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There is a storm of errors "MySQL drops connection" among the users recently.

The reason is absolutely definitely: negative server response on an attempt to open the same DB table several times simultaneously. This may have been an old issue that just recently has become actual, or it could be a new one.

New one if the simultaneous connection limit has been recently established by server admins. It is likely. I observe strange new behavior for http connections too. There is a limit there. And it is very low.

Old one if the limitation was always there, but it didn't affect the execution of the code. Normally the code doesn't need to reopen tables twice. I noticed that in last version of FF some http request are doubled. That is, the server suddenly needs to process two 100% identical requests simultaneously. It causes the error.

The double request appears if the site has a link formed as:
1. a div with a on-click function referring to a link
2. inside the div there is an <a> html tag referring to the same link
i.e. one request is initiated by http processor, the other by java script processor. The http and java run blindly doubling the same link. So any site with graphical buttons and tabs could have the issue.

Here is proposal to admins:

Check the limits and increase them. http - at least to 10. mySQL at least to 2. It is unlikely that the standard 3rd party code will be fixed by all users to clean up inclusion. The FF issue will stay with us even if they fix it tomorrow.
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