How has technology affected us?

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    How has technology such as cars, computers, the internet, gaming consoles etc. affected our lives?

    I personally think that it's affected many people's lives in such a way that most wouldn't be able to live without it. Everyday, we see technology all around us - cars, computers, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, USBs, bikes, transport, all that sort of thing. Everywhere.

    Without it, we'd still be in the Stone Age, use flint, making naked fires, hunting animals, all of that. Simple, but fairly unintelligent in the sort of living-wise area.

    We'd only be living with the trees, the land, the sky and the other things in existence around us for entertainment - no intense video games, no internet, no mobile phones to chat with friends, no forums, nothing interesting.

    We'd be affected greatly. And is this good or not? I'd say technology has helped us through our lives a lot, not to mention it being a huge part of our lives as well. If we didn't have technology...we'd be fairly ignorant of the world around us, of global warming, which probably wouldn't be a problem, and we'd have severe disorder.

    What about you? How do you think technology has affected us, and is it good or not?
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    Men Technology is very important nowadays. . . . Espcially to students and business firms, Technology affects business profits, because with technology they can secure almost evrything they want, there are lots of softwares now that offers high security for files etc. Also with the rapid growth of technology students are more resourceful, while in business, there market area are widen by using websites. . .

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    Your pretty much summarized what Technology was doing for us (of course, I'm not sure about the extent you've gone to) and the world would be much different without technology. It's also a wonder on how the human brain was able to figure that out. I was honestly thinking about such things last week and just how incredible the brain is.

    And yes, I am on the PC a lot too.
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  4. kinley3

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    I personally don't think of it as good or bad..It just is. You could debate pros and cons all day long.

    It's just a part of our evolution if you ask me, and what sets us apart from other animals. Our ability to reason and think logically has given us technology, and although it seems like it has gotten so crazy in the last few years (almost like there's not a whole lot more we could do) I'm sure there's much more in store in the future :p
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    Technology is very important in our life because everything becomes easier with technology. A computer we can do research on the computer instead of going to the library. Now there are mp3 players which don’t need cd’s you can just put the songs into the memory. If we had no technology life would be so hard because if we had no stoves we would have to have to get charcoal to make fire. If we had no alarm clocks we would have to wake up by your own. Some times you will have to wake up on your own but most of the time you will be late. Another major technology is Windows Vista. You can do stuff on Windows Vista that you can’t do on Windows XP. On Vista you can easily play DVDs, watch and record TV shows, download movies. It is also in 3D which means instead of selecting what window you want to open from the task bar you can just click the one that is behind the window.

    All of these technologies have changed my life. They have changed my life by making my work easier. I like technology because it makes everybody’s life easier.

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