How long is a piece of string ?

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Hi there.

I'm hanging in with x10 because I still love it and after all, it is free :) (I've also learnt php programming and mysql right here on these servers but I do have a serious question.

How long is a piece of string ? (That's not the question by the way). That's the answer I seem to have a tendency to elicit from people when I'm away from the computer so apologies if this appears to be about something that might produce a similar answer.

The thing is, after several weeks now the php email function doesn't work anymore and the php code that performs a simple query in a mysql database still takes forever to respond. (40 - 50 secs), sometimes never and inconsistently and inconsistently with an error that suggests a problem with the database existing rather than a problem with the code.

I've checked my code thoroughly now and it works fine on other servers and it did work fine here until a couple of weeks ago. At first I put it down to the new policy on resource usage and then the testing of various plug ins but something seems to be up and is still unresolved.

At the moment I'm finding free hosting on stoli unusable. How long will it be before things return to normal ?

Thanks for any help and the great service.
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