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  1. dog001296

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    I came across this site called it is 100% free and this is NOT a hosting provider! This will protect your site from hackers, spammers and make your site load faster and will put less load on x10hosting servers as well!

    Watch the video on there site to learn more on how this works.

    1. Go to and create an account.

    2. Follow the instructions on how to add your site to cloudflare and thats it!

    Hope this helps I use it and my site is much better now.
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  2. jogustafsson13

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  3. dog001296

    dog001296 New Member

    Glad I could help. :)
  4. yes this site offers superior protection on reliability for free websites even.great.will use it:rolleyes:
  5. denzil

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  6. aryweb

    aryweb New Member

    Nice info will give it a try.

    but, I wonder on what are the technology they are using. When on website they are using also and said there site is down being protected.

    Read this first:
  7. vv.bbcc19

    vv.bbcc19 Community Advocate Community Support

    Is any one using it for a few months or more?
    Can you give us a testimonial??
  8. meet.guleria86

    meet.guleria86 New Member

    thanks a lot,but im new to here so how to design your website,please help
  9. vv.bbcc19

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  10. denzil

    denzil New Member

    Apparently they were voted for an award or two. Sorry, can't give more details because I don't have the link anymore. But sounded like they were the real deal.
  11. infin8_riders57

    infin8_riders57 New Member

    i gotta try this one....:smile:
  12. vv.bbcc19

    vv.bbcc19 Community Advocate Community Support

    Ahah nice to know.I will search and find out about the awards.
  13. meet.guleria86

    meet.guleria86 New Member

    thank you very much
  14. anatoly_z63

    anatoly_z63 New Member

    Anyone have a tutorial how to set it up? For some reason, after I change DNS my website goes offline and displays the default "please contact webmaster" page.
  15. manoj699455

    manoj699455 New Member

    Thanks for the share. Will try it soon :)
  16. vv.bbcc19

    vv.bbcc19 Community Advocate Community Support

    I request you to give your feedback too once you try.I will do similar..I did not believe it completely but there was no reason to disbelieve I will try.
    Post back your feedback too..
  17. shoib

    shoib New Member

    Thnx,will give it a try!
  18. Toine

    Toine New Member

    Thanks for sharing! I'll try this ASAP. :)
  19. hns_marcon51

    hns_marcon51 New Member

    What makes it fast IMO is if its well coded. :/ hmm
  20. techairlines

    techairlines x10 Flyer Community Support

    I've been using it since July 2010 as an early beta tester.

    After using CloudFlare on my site for 11 months, the number of spam comments has been reduced by several thousand (this was in 2010 when I started). Their CDN caching system has saved my site almost 67% of all static file requests and over 50% of bandwidth in the past 30 days.

    I love their stats charts. Its not as nearly as detailed as Google Analytics (only shows pageviews, unique visitors, hits, and bandwidth) but its more accurate because it doesn't require javascript.

    It might take some time to get used to the fact that changes you make to images, css, and javascript doesn't show up immediately.

    Overall, my experience with CloudFlare has been very positive. I highly recommend giving this service a try. As of June 2011, x10hosting has partnered with them to offer CloudFlare directly from cPanel.

    You can also see my early testimonial on their testimonials page.
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