HTTP 500 for .phtml files

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Here's a couple of things to do/try which should fix it, or tell you what's causing it...

1) Always do this first - log into cPanel, find the Logs section and click on Error logs, see what it has in there.. Most 500 errors will make an entry into that log telling you what caused it..

2) Your file permissions should be set atleast to read/write 755/744.. You need to login to your cPanel. and go into the File Manager, select the files in which you'll be accessing on the website and click on the Permissions button at the top of the page. The permissions need to be set to atleast read execute, and write if the page is going to be making any dynamic changes to the site. Usually read/execute is enough to get it working.

3) If the two above don't work, as a last resort do this.. Delete the .htaccess file, and try it then.
To view the .htaccess file, you need to go into cPanel, click on File Manager, and when it opens up asking you where you want to go, it's going to have an option to View Hidden Files (dotfiles). Click that first. Now you'll be able to view your htaccess file.
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