Huge List Of Free MMO Games


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That's amazing, I had no idea that there were so many online games!!!


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Silkroad online is a nice game, I played it for some time,
got boring though when they began changing everything


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Liked them.But some links like were missing when I tried(NOW).Sites not working.
Huge List Of Free MMO Games

Add your favorite MMO game here on the list as well if it isn't already by replying here with a title, link , and description as seen below. Also, let me know if there is a dead link.

MMO- Massively multiplayer online

Silkroad Online
SilkRoad is a fantasy MMORPG to describe the ancient Chinese, Islam and European civilizations. Powerful quest and skill system with dynamic real animation.

Myth War Online
Fantasy MMO based on a magical time period with 2D graphics and over 200 skill sets for characters.

Kinght Online
Fantasy MMORPG with impressive graphics and heart-pumping PvP features. Over 2 million players worldwide.

MU Online
A fantastic 3D MMORPG that takes the player into a fantasy world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. Over 100,000 ways to combine precious items on top of the easy in-game control.

Magical flying MMO that stands for "Fly For Fun".

GoonZu Online
Political and economic RPG from Korea with cartoony graphics. This game allows the buying of stocks and the holding of elections.

Hero Online
Based on Asian myths and written by martial arts novelists. Uses a combination of movement skills and attack skills in an attempt to allow players to experience the type of martial arts seen in movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Shot Online
Another golf MMO like Albatross 18, but this is more of a RPG sports simulation game.

Built with the hardcore MMOer in mind. Offers various means of transportation, large scale warfare, and a detailed class system.

Fantasy MMO built around a strong story and great graphics.

The classic version of the game that became Ashen Empires is now being offered for free.

Eudemons Online
You can raise many different looking eudemons with various attributes that fight by your side. Up to 3 eudemons can be summoned at one time.

Last Chaos
Massively multiplayer game with 3D graphics, pets, and a personal dungeon system designed for solo players.

The Legend of Ares
3D medieval fantasy MMO about the Greek god of war. PvP is a major feature with guild vs. guild wars and nation vs. nation wars. You gain more attack and defensive power as you kill other players.

Puzzle Pirates
Rather inventive MMORPG where you make your mark in the game by solving different puzzles. If you really want to become a pirate in style with extra gear, a subscription model is available.

Pirate King Online
Offers a humorous take on pirates like Puzzle Pirates, but plays more like a regular MMO than Puzzle Pirates does with all of its puzzles.

RAN Online
3D Action MMO with a Japanese urban theme.

Thang Online
Fully 3D adventure MMO that allows players to adjust various aspects of the game such as Ki, equipment and special killing moves.

Second Life
3D virtual world that is owned by its players. Although land is sold for real money, the game does offer a free basic membership.

KAL Online
Full 3D oriental fantasy MMORPG based on a war where a king takes on a leader of demons.

Ashen Empires
Allows you to play for free on Valinor Island.

Gunz The Duel
Live out your fantasy of being an action hero in this unique online multiplayer game.

Massively multiplayer online tactics game or MMOTG for short that you can play for free.

Seal Online
Fantasy-based massively multiplayer RPG with anime-style graphics.

Free MMO that uses an interesting tutor system to help newer players get in the flow of the game.

Conquer Online
MMOG with a Chinese Kung Fu and magic theme.

Free 3D MMORPG that allows you to decide whether you want to adventure or engage in finance and politics. Take note that this game is playable, but is also constantly under development.

El Kardian
MMORPG that offers free game play until level 50.

Dark Eden
Korean MMO with a vampire theme.

Martial Heroes
Free MMORPG with 3D graphics where martial arts are the key focus of the entire game.

Browser-based MMORPG with a religious theme that offers a free edition.

A martial arts themed MMO that draws inspiration from console games.

Endless Online
Free MMORPG with 2D cartoon-style graphics. The download is only around 7 to 9 MB.

Eternal Lands
Free fantasy MMORPG in which there are no fixed classes or professions. Player killers are given special maps in order to fight each other.

Elysarian Kingdoms
Browser-based MMORPG set in a fantasy world filled with a plethora of different races. Note that some features like marriages have not been implemented yet.

Social game that features housing, personal ads, and fishing.

Anarchy Online
Major MMO that offers a free version with in-game advertising.

Free MMORPG with no combat involved only peoples imaginations

Ogre Island
Fantasy MMO where you can play for free, but will get the most out of the game by buying the Ogre Islands special currency, OI Platinum.

Urban Dead
A massively multiplayer web-based zombie apocalypse, where you can play as either a zombie or a human character. Currently over 35000 recently active characters, and over one million players registered.

Torn City:
Sure, it's jumped on the mafia-inspired PBBG bandwagon, but it's certainly one of the more popular ones around; they've had as many as 25 000 logins in a single 24 hour period. Personally I think it lacks both style and substance, and doesn't do anything new or differently, yet somehow keeps drawing you back.


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This thread is great.

Thanks for all the recommendations!

Recently I've played LOTRO and Runes Of Magic. Gonna try out some others though.
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That's a huge list of games. Thanks. Also there is another MMO. An MMORPG called Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). As you might know that Lord of the Rings Online is set in Middle Earth where you "battle the hordes of Sauron". Also Lord of the Rings Online was a paid game but they prepared free accounts. Of course there are some limitations. It is an awesome game you have to try it. Come and check it out: Oh I almost forgot, if you register in the US servers you will get 250 Turbine points for free (normally you would have to buy them).


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I would like to add a few games that recently went from P2P to F2P

Lord of the Rings
Fantasy-The Legend is Yours. The Adventure is Free! Middle-earth awaits.

Dugeons and Dragons Online
Fantasy-Play DDO Unlimted For FREE!

Pirates of the Burning sea
Historic MMORPG- High-seas action and adventure in a bold world of pirates and plunder.

A few new free to play

Mars Wars
3D sci-fi MMO shooter with huge maps, territorial control features, and support for various vehicles. Similar to Planetside.

Project Blackout
3D tactical MMO shooter with an urban setting. Fight on immersive maps that contain helicopters, destructible environments, and other exciting features. Similar to Project Blackout series.