I want to sell my site,but i need to improve a lot of thing


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I'd suspect that there's a very high bounce rate (visitors who quickly use the Back button). Your gimmick (anaglyph 3D) is the worst thing about the site, especially because it's compulsury in browsers that support text-shadow. Some (and only some) people may be willing to throw on a pair of special glasses to visit a site, but only if that site is a time-burner -- they're not going to keep a pair of red/cyan glasses handy just in case they need them for a few seconds here and there on the web. 3D is the wrong choice for a text-heavy info site.

Your data are a horrible match for a 3D presentation, so while the domain name may be of some value to somebody, the site as it stands never can be. If you stuck to things that could be explained in an interesting way using 3D illustrations and diagrams, it would probably have some value, but as a wall of text that can't easily be read by ordinary users with ordinary equipment (a 2D screen and their unaided eyes) it can never be more than a visit-once curiosity.

If the content is important, then kill the 3D. If the 3D is important, then kill the current content. You will not be able to get any real interest or good link/user stats until you do, no matter how much extrinsic SEO and marketing effort you put in.


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I'm sorry, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy this site. The 3-D content aside (Why), the choice of colors for background and text do not lend themselves well for extendet periods of reading. Too much color clash. Black background should not be the primary site color.