IMPORTANT FORUM RULES! Read before posting.

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Off Topic Forum Rules

Just a few basic rules regarding the off Topic section.

  1. Racism, there is no need to be racist, ever, you just have to understand that people are different, if you can't understand that, you don't belong on these forums.
  2. Be nice, if you don't have anything nice to post, simply don't post it!
  3. Pornographic content, it's kind of obvious, use your common sense.
  4. Illegal downloads, once again, use your common sense, you can get into some serious trouble for even downloading illegal content, let alone encouraging other people to download it.
  5. Spam, please don't spam, even in Off Topic, you know a Staff member is going to delete it anyway, so make it easier for us, and don't spam
  6. Personal information, for your safety, please don't post any personal information (eg: phone number, physical address).
  7. Language, please watch your language on the forums, don't swear, and make sure your post is readable by others.
  8. Do not copy and paste large sections of text. Try to use important quotes only. Please don't copy entire reviews, articles and tutorials when a simple link will suffice.
Note: These rules are all written by Jordan C, I have revised them.
Not open for further replies.