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Free Hosting Support Knowledge Base

This topic includes all important information that you are expected to be familiar with before posting in this forum.

Help us help you

Whenever requesting support, please make sure you specify your cPanel user name, subdomain/domain, and hosting package, even if the information might not seem useful to the problem. If you fail to supply us with the required information we might simply ignore your support request. Never, under any circumstance, post your password (this should be common sense).

Common Questions/Problems (FAQ)

These problems seem to arise the most often. Do *NOT* post topics asking questions that can be answered by this section unless you are absolutely unsure.

  • Where do I get the ads? / Where do I put the ads?
    The required ads and instructions can be located here: They are only required on Ad-Enhanced accounts.
  • The server is down!
    DO NOT post saying the server is down. First, check the server alerts for announcements regarding the problem. If the problem persists for a significant amount of time (ie. more than 15 minutes), and this thread confirms that the service is down then check the support forums for others' topics regarding the same issue. If no topics exist, THEN you can create a new topic notifying us of 1) which service is down, and 2) how long it has been down (as best as you can tell).
  • I can't access my site or my cPanel but the server status says it's up.
    It is possible that you were blocked by our firewall. PM Corey with your IP address and include something like "Blocked by firewall" in the subject, otherwise it will not be read. You can get your IP address at

How do I get the ads to display in (web-based software title here) ?

Your best bet is to visit their individual support forums for help with that. Look for template files to edit or places in the administrator's control panel that allow you to edit the wrapper.

Can I PM a staff member with a problem?
Please do NOT PM staff members regarding account issues, unless specifically asked to do so by a staff member, instead make a thread detailing your problem and state all necessary information.

My thread was closed but I didn't get an answer.
If your thread was closed either you didn't respond in 48 hours or you didn't use the search feature\check the news. If your questions has already been answered before we will close your thread without answering it. You are expected to use the search feature of the forums.

Any question that is not prohibited by this thread is welcome. Staff and members alike will try their hardest to help you with whatever you may need!

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