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x10Hosting has always and will always have an inactivity policy. Our policy is that you must login to the Account Portal at least once every 30 days to keep your hosting account active.

No posting is EVER required.

This is a small thing to ask and it will take you less then 30 seconds a month to keep your account in good standing. Our free hosting revolves around the forums, it is the single most important place to get information on x10. Offering free hosting is expensive, by having this requirement it lets us remove the accounts that people do not want nor care for which helps us keep unnecessary costs down.

As another option we do offer the Prime Membership ( ) which starts at $2.95 for 3 months; in addition to removing the inactivity timer while you're on Prime, it also doubles the maximum resources you have at your disposal which minimizes the risk of a High Resource Usage suspension, doubles available domains, subdomains, and mysql databases, AND lets you run a cron every minute, as opposed to the usual maximum of one per five. This plan also offers 3.95/6 months and 4.95/1 year as options. For more details, click the link above.
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