Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mullermp30, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. mullermp30

    mullermp30 New Member

    I'm posting to stay active to keep my free account.

  2. yogeshmangaj97

    yogeshmangaj97 New Member

    me too!
  3. noisy4343

    noisy4343 New Member

    Accessing our forum is easy, simply sign-in using the below URL or from our Account Panel. Remember to access it at least once per month to prevent inactivity suspensions. Posting on our forum is never required - The only requirement is that your account is logged into. :)
  4. Bryon

    Bryon I Fix Things Staff Member

  5. februaryveryown65

    februaryveryown65 New Member

  6. cybergamespc34

    cybergamespc34 New Member

    Same here. xD

  7. a10111519

    a10111519 New Member

    i never knew you had to visit here to keep the accoutn live :(
  8. calistoy

    calistoy Free Support Volunteer Community Support

    The TOS does mention that, but you only have to login here to the forums. You don't ever have to post if you don't want to, though.
  9. bddjecc

    bddjecc New Member

    me toooooooooooooo
  10. akselondrugs94

    akselondrugs94 New Member

  11. reecedevonport19

    reecedevonport19 New Member

    Mine won't unsuspend itself "/
  12. krystalslave53

    krystalslave53 New Member

    yeah brah still aLIVWE
  13. tonyfordnan18

    tonyfordnan18 New Member

    Me too! :tongue:
  14. jecsuchida28

    jecsuchida28 New Member

    watsap xD hi...
  15. SierraAR

    SierraAR Sierra Brown Community Support

  16. redoakranch

    redoakranch Member

    I technically don't HAVE to log in to the forums (at least for a year), but the forums here are friendly enough I like to stop in and say howdy anyway. Props to x10 for supporting that kind of a welcoming community. :)

    I hope all here have a safe end enjoyable holiday season!
  17. lifesdigital93

    lifesdigital93 New Member

  18. paisem375

    paisem375 New Member

    Mic test!! XD
  19. glen1rice62

    glen1rice62 New Member

  20. replicant2600

    replicant2600 New Member

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