Innocence is the first casualty

Discussion in 'Graphics & Webdesign' started by Rising, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Rising

    Rising New Member


    I made this all filters sig, to show the invidiousness of hitler, and his anti-semantic polcies, and racists policies towards jews, protestants, and foreigners.

    Feel free to drop a little CnC its all filters
  2. Woolie

    Woolie New Member

    Now, did you make up the reason for that signiture before or after you made it? ;-)

    It's a very mysterious and wonderfull piece, I love the "smokeyness" effect and I always love it when people use text like that, it adds so much more character to it and it gives the viewer something to think about...

    Keep it up :cool:
  3. Rising

    Rising New Member

    thanks, lol ive always been anti-nazi, but i just watched american history x last night, thats what sparked it, im working on a series involving anti-nazi signatures, i hope to come out with 6 total in the series, that smokey affect is just a bunch of dots, overlay, and lowered opacity
  4. dharmil

    dharmil New Member

    look nice i like the otther one better with the rose or what ever flower you had on threre.

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