Javascript Collision detection using ID's

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    I am making a game with javascript, and need to know how to make two images touch each other.
    Each image is inside a div with an ID of:
    Here is the page's code:
    <head><style>DIV.movable { position:absolute; }</style><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></head><body><div id="player" class="movable"><img src=""></div>
    <br />
    <br />
    <div id="wall" class="movable"><img src="wall.png"></div>
    <br /><script language="javascript">document.getElementById("ufo")  = 1;document.getElementById("ufo").style.left = 1;var position;var pos2;pos2 = 1;position = 1;function movemedown()  {position = position + 5;document.getElementById("ufo")  = position;document.getElementById("ufo").style.left = pos2;}function up()  {position = position - 5;document.getElementById("ufo") = position;}function left()  {pos2 = pos2 - 5;document.getElementById("ufo").style.left = pos2;}function right()  {pos2 = pos2 + 5;document.getElementById("ufo").style.left = pos2;}shortcut.add("Ctrl+Down",function() {    movemedown();});shortcut.add("Ctrl+Up",function() {    up()});shortcut.add("Ctrl+Left",function() {    left();});shortcut.add("Ctrl+Right",function() {right();});</script><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></body>
    Ignore the "shortcut.add" and the excessive BR's, but that's my page.
    May somebody help me do collision checking.
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    I guess you should give this a try:

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    What is jquery?
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    I figured that out before i looked at the answer here by googling it.
    I find it useless anyway because I cannot find the collision detection function.
    May somebody please give me the code for a function that runs another function when objects with certain ID's hit each other.
    example for a function:
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    Please may somebody post some code as I described.
  8. Writing collision detection a.k.a. does x overlap y (or would it if the items continued to move).

    If you're programmatically moving an object around the screen then presumably you know an x,y, location of one of its corners?

    If you know an (x,y) co-ord, and you know both the height and width of the object then you can use that information to compute if that area is (potentially) occupying the same area as the item you want to know if it's colliding with :)
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