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Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by pete39, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. pete39

    pete39 New Member

    I have started working on a side project where everyone review previous workplaces & verified businesses can screen employee applicants using work notes from past employers.
    Today, I created the mockup that is attached to this post and I was hoping to receive some feedback. If you're interested in giving me feedback on my coming soon page, please leave pros and cons. You can see the live site at

    Please see for more details about what I am trying to achieve.

    Thank you.

  2. descalzo

    descalzo Grim Squeaker Community Support

    Most employers will not put that information about employees on a third party site.
    Most employers will not put anything beyond the bare basics in a reply to a request from a legit prospective employer.

    And letting former employees rate their former employers is a invitation to a headache.
  3. pete39

    pete39 New Member

    Yes. I realize that there are some barriers to break down. I have come up with solutions to the ones that you have stated.

    I was mainly looking for design feedback.
  4. SierraAR

    SierraAR Sierra Brown Community Support

    The first thing that strikes me is how empty your website looks in the design itself in your about page - You have all of this empty space on the sides and the bottom, and just a block of text in a box in the middle.

    On your home page, the white text is hard to see on the background that gets progressively lighter. You might consider wrapping the text in a box like you did with the other content.

    Also, your banner looks really choppy and pixelated, it just seems unprofessional.

    My recommendations:
    * Adjust your banner to fix the pixelation/choppyness - A thicker weight font might suffice, or even taking the current text and making in bold before saving it as an image file.
    * Find a way to make the white text on the blue background more readable, such as placing the text in a box, or making adjustments to text/background color and placement
    * Widen the content-box width on your pages. You have too much unused space in my opinion.

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