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I'm sorry I haven't been on lately due to the lack of College work, but anyway I noticed people are mainly convinced by PHPNuke, which to me ain't that great, due to its slowness and crappy security and due to the massive problems I seen people get.

So after that I have decided to do a demo of LDU see how people like it, to me it's the best CMS at the moment and PHPNuke the worst.


LDU (Land Down Under) is a PHP mySQl CMS portal, based to help people on there website needs on something they can't do.

It contains:

Easy Navigation changing.
Easy to customize. Create your own Template of your liking and get it coded to LDU. (There are coders inb the LDU community such as the main site and others).
Easy to add plugins and easy to create if you know PHP.
10 times faster than PHPNuke
Built in forums.
Easy to navigate and through the Admin Panel.
Premade skins exsist so you can download and upload from LDU v700 or higher.
And loads more.

Land Down under v800 version features from LDU 703:

- Splitted the core files into smaller parts for better performance.
- Added the groups of users (7 new skin files).
- Added support for alias for pages, links, events and news.
- Added the support for the 2 extra fields for links.
- Added the rating tags for events.
- New tags for comments and ratings.
- Configuration panel re-organized and now clearer.
- The textboxer is now handled as an extended plugin.
- Textboxer upgraded to version 2, featuring the preview mode.
- New option to prevent the bumping of posts in forums and comments.
- New option to set the default timezone for guests and new members.
- New option to disable links.
- New option to disable news (forums are opened instead).
- New option to set a minlevel that allow users to edit their own pages/links/etc.
- Hit statistics are now grouped by week/month/year.
- New hook for extended plugins in the administration panel, tab "tools".
- new hook for news items, in the loop.
- Fixed 2 SQL indexes sometime missing , speed boost for busy forums (Nervosa).
- Fixed a bug with guests in the forums stats, top 10 posters (Rieger).
- Fixed a bug with an empty category code when addding new events.
- Fixed the bug #87, events spanning multiple years (Riptide).
- Fixed the bug #103, users with no country not shown in userlist when filtered.
- Fixed the bug #107, single entry for weblogs in recentitems plugin (Critical).
- Fixed the bug #108, wrong date computation in forums (Orkan).
- Fixed the bug #109, top minlevels when creating new folders in the PFS.
- Fixed the bug #115, problems when admins uploading in foreign PFS.
- Fixed the bug #120, body of a new topic was lost when title was empty.

Demo site: (Demo created by me)

Username: demo
Password: demo

Enjoy! =)


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i downloaded it but winRAR doesnt like it... 80% of .RAR files i try to open with in winRAR have error messages saying the files are corrupt!!!
You wouldnt have a winZIP version would you?