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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arkaen, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. arkaen

    arkaen New Member

    Just wondering if there are any avid League of Legends gamers here @ X10. It's a Free 2 Play Action RTS game. I really get a kick out of playing as there are some adrenaline packed moments that send your heart racing and your fingers dancing. I guess thats why its so popular. :biggrin: There are many ways to customize your play experience due to the wide variety of champions to choose from. You can also purchase skins with Real money, but it is not necessary.

    To any current players, What are your favorite champions? Mine would definitely have to be Gangplank and Blitzcrank.

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    My IGN: ZeroGeneral
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  2. norway2864

    norway2864 New Member

    I enjoy this game as well. Right now, I'm having a lot of fun playing Lux. Her snare is like Morgana's, but can grab an extra person as well. Have you gotten pretty good with Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab? :p
  3. arkaen

    arkaen New Member

    Yeah I would consider myself pretty good with crank's rocket grab. I've gotten really skilled at map awareness and just love pulling people through walls when they're chilling by the towers, haha.
  4. gteribery67

    gteribery67 New Member

    I played that a few times, couldnt get into it :(
    Its not my style i guess
  5. norway2864

    norway2864 New Member

    Haha, I hate getting grabbed @ tower :D
  6. dfsgdgdf

    dfsgdgdf New Member

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  7. SniperFox

    SniperFox Member

    Just fyi: I'm pretty sure he doesn't get anything for referring people. Kind of like referring someone to a forum - they can put your name in and it just shows that you brought someone to the board. His referral id just let's it be known that he brought new people into the game.

    There's no money or anything like that involved.

    I don't even think it shows up on a profile - just goes to the server as a location kind of thing. IE: "This person signed up via UserX" as opposed to "This user found us at random."

    I played, or..tried..to play it for a little while. I like RTS, but I guess I like more single player styled games, like C&C or Warcraft.
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  8. denzil

    denzil New Member

    It's quite addictive. I'm not playing at at the moment. Behind with updates and possibly have an error to try and fix before I play again. I'm not gona try though because it takes a lot of time, and at the moment I don't ever feel like playing. So I wana keep it like that.
  9. Illuminate

    Illuminate New Member

    It's a pretty fun game actually. I play jungle Rammus and I'm pretty beast with him. But it is definitely a plus to play with friends only :) that way you don't have pubs on your team that screw you over.
  10. Jisana

    Jisana New Member

    I play too. I'm very newbie because I only have played 5 times XD I only have played with Ashe and Blitcrank LOL
  11. damien.vidal93

    damien.vidal93 New Member

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