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  1. Yes! I like it

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  2. Stick w/ xp or mac

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  3. I hate Linux!

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  4. No frickin idea.

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  1. Macaws

    Macaws Guest

    So, I am thinking about switching to linux. Good Choice? I am not sure. What do all of you think?
  2. Spartan Erik

    Spartan Erik Retired

    I'm a fan of XP. If all you do is surf the web, get docs done, and have a relatively old sluggish machine, then I could see the reason for Linux. I stick with XP just because I've already customized it to my liking, fast bootup, and game compatibility (Wine emulation in Linux only goes so far)
  3. AJradio

    AJradio New Member

    Well It depends on a numerous amount of things

    1. Do you surf the internet alot? - If Yes, either OS, linux easier
    2. Does your computer SUCK? - If Yes, use LINUX
    3. Do you play games? - If Yes, XP or Vista
    4. Do you like to mess with code? - If Yes, Linux, you can customize it to your liking
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  4. compwhizii

    compwhizii Banned

    I like linux, I would use it but I always miss something that is in windows. But I've played Garry's Mod in linux once before.
  5. steronius

    steronius New Member

    best of both worlds:
    option 1) Dual boot
    option 2) (or any of the other virtual pc softwares)
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  6. adamlinux

    adamlinux New Member

    yes I agree with steronius, if you really want the best of bolth worlds you should set aside a small part of you harddrive and use it for linux, and dual boot them. If I'm not mistake, most linux distros, or at least ubuntu, come with the grub boot loader wich will help you set up a dual booting machine. heres a video about it that I found very helpful when I did it, If at all possible, you should try to install on another machine, if you have one. either to try it out, or to have bolth a windows and linux machine that are seperate, wich would be what I would do. Well hope this helps in some way,good luck!:biggrin:
  7. Macaws

    Macaws Guest

    Yeah, im still stuck between 007 or the internet...
  8. compwhizii

    compwhizii Banned

    What? :eek4:
  9. Max1337

    Max1337 New Member

    I prefer Linux over Windows any day...
    All Windows does is cause problems with me, like lag, crashing, and viruses...

    I'm currently using SLED (SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) on my computer right now, and been using it for over a month now, and am quite happy with it :)
    It hasn't caused me any problems yet, and runs very well on my PC.
    The only problem with Linux is that it's limited when it comes to gaming, since most games are designed for Windows :-(
    But I mostly use my PC for networking & (some) programming, so gaming isn't really much of an issue for me, as I also do have another PC that I use for gaming lol.
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  10. xPlozion

    xPlozion New Member

    I use Arch Linux, and it's very fast compared to ubuntu and xp. it's as fast as gentoo without the long compile times or *bsd.

    that reminds me, i haven't updated in a while, it'll only take a minute :D
  11. xpodit

    xpodit New Member

    There are numerous games though that will work with linux out of the box. I remember I used to use linux and play Never Winter Nights a lot. I also like the option of virtualbox, GREAT program. Linux is better by far I.M.H.O. in just about every aspect. I prefer Kubuntu, because it recognized my hardware right away and worked with no pain. It was also fast, install took I think 20 minutes or so.
  12. nterror

    nterror New Member

    I played Neverwinter Nights too. :cool:

    Linux provides security, stability, and the ability to customize to your heart's content. Currently using Fedora 9. Used OpenSUSE before that, to be honest, I really haven't chosen. I like them both. :nuts:

    I set aside a partition for a highly modified Vista, and just use that to play a couple old fav games that don't work in Wine. I have a system capable of running Crysis at max. I mess around with code and graphics (Photoshop and Blender), and see video editing in my future.

    I wasted too much time trying to fix Windows, move to Linux and enjoying everything about it. :wiggle:
  13. Twinkie

    Twinkie Banned

    I think it is hard to call myself a programmer without ever having a Linux system and I could not live without Windows Vista.

    I'm getting a dual boot soon and I would recommend the same to you. Risk free.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2008
  14. anirtak143

    anirtak143 New Member

    next problem : what if you want to use linux only? ^^ how do you remove the linux bootloader (is this the term?)?

    resolved problem : remove linux and use windows only--> use windows recovery console.. :p
  15. Smith6612

    Smith6612 I ate all of the x10Pizza Community Support

    To use Linux only, you use the Linux bootloader with no Windows keys in it. For Windows, a fixboot should reload the boot file in the C drive for just windows.
  16. Kouen

    Kouen New Member

    if you want to boot linux without seeing the bootloader, add timeout=0 to it for grub,

    for lilo

    do the same thing, and then run lilo after saving it.
  17. Macaws

    Macaws Guest

    007 Nightfire. Its a game
  18. agroup

    agroup New Member

    i didnot use the Linux
    thinking to switch Linux

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