Login Issue with Drupal 5.1


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I would like to share with you all a "traumatic issue" I faced yesterday with Drupal. Hopefully, you know what to do in case this happens to you.

Yesterday, I installed Drupal 5.1 on my main domain using Fantastico, which appeared to work alright. I then decided to add a subdomain, and installed Drupal to the subdomain using the same code base (using the multisite option in Drupal). The installation proceeded without any issues, and I had a running Drupal in my subdomain.

However, the problem started when I tried to login. I could login to my main domain, but not to my subdomain! :mad: After a frustrating morning, and needlessly troubling x10hosting administrators (Corey, thanks for your time), I decided to search for the problem in drupal forums. Here is what I found: http://drupal.org/node/131728

It seems that the problem lies with the session ID's set by Drupal. The unprofessional solution is to clear your cookies each time you try to login to your subdomain. However, the right way to fix it (if you have the right php skills) is to set the session id's manually for each subdomain by editing the settings.php file.

This evening, I also discovered that Drupal 5.2 has fixed this bug. ;)So, do consider taking the trouble of downloading the latest version of Drupal from http://drupal.org instead of relying on Fantastico to do the job for you.

Live and learn!