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Today I checked out my website for about the first time this week. It\'s still in development so I\'m not rushed or anything. I noted that I got database errors that I never used to get. Then I logged into my cpanel and noticed that my database was all messed up.

Only my forum tables remain. Is it possible that staff updated our forum software (*edit: I checked again and noticed that my forums are still pretty much outdated)? This could explain it, because when I started out I was still pretty new to SQL and didn\'t know how to run SQL on multiple databases, so I just added my tables to my forum (mybb) database, and altered the mybb tables where necessary.

I suppose it\'s better to get it fixed anyway, but I would like to know the cause of this problem. Or is it something that might have happened during updates? Perhaps it will revert back....

Secondly, I used to be able to log into x10 using just my user name (denzil). Now I have to type my full email. Not an issue though. I was just wondering if this may have to do with the fact that my forum name is different (denzilb22), due to a mistake I made when I registered (long story)... Perhaps someone can update my forum name to denzil for me if this is possible?

Thanks a lot
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