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I was a little torn between posting this in "scripts and third party apps", or here in offtopic.

I have written a neat little php script that helps me in the MMORPG Mobsters on MySpace from a static bar in the browser window. It has a few glitchs and is fataly flawed because I can't seem to get into the iframe that all MySpace applications run from. But it does allow you to do the following :)

  • Open as many MySpace/Mobsters/Streetracing accounts in the same browser as your CPU will handle ;)
  • View mobsters just by pasting thier url in a text input and clicking view mobster.
If anyone would like to have a look at this script please post here so I can link you to a downloadable version. Maybe someone could figure out how the hell to curl into the applications :s

Please note that having multiple MySpace accounts is not allowed :( so what you do with this script is at your own risk.