Mysterious White Space.

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  1. MadameSkylark

    MadameSkylark New Member

    I had a pre-made set of coding for my page, which I have been tweaking at since I joined, and almost everything is working the way I want.

    But for some reason, there is this unexplainable 1/4 inch of white in what I guess would be the margin of the page, as well as in the space between my header and my actual table. It's driving me insane. I have applied my fairly limited knowledge of code to the matter, but I can't find anything that seems like it would cause problems.

    If someone was willing to take a look and see if they could find a problem, I would appreciate it. How exactly would I go about putting my code up for people to look at?
  2. diabolo

    diabolo Community Advocate Community Support

    is there a website I could look at?

    to put the code up, you can either just upload the html on your website, or place it in a [ CODE ] tag here if it isn't that long
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  3. MadameSkylark

    MadameSkylark New Member

    The website is

    I'm not sure if the problem would be located in the style sheet portion of the code, or in the index portion.
  4. ariainvictus

    ariainvictus New Member

    I am trying to edit this site. I am new to alot of this. I see the url to the control panel, but all i see is a blank page. Nothing. How am I going to be able to either edit my site, OR upload pages from my web page builder. If anyone can help please reply.
  5. MadameSkylark

    MadameSkylark New Member

    You should make your own thread...I started this one to deal with a specific problem on MY website.

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