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Hmm.... thanks for the zip package,

I know i am doing the right way but then I have a questions to ask you guys the professional.

How come I follow the ads code, when i test run my website a security shield alert appear saying that it blocked some activeX control files then when I allow the content, the ads banner disppeared wht happen ???

I am using Windows XP Home Edition sp2

So what i did to prevent this from happening, I copy x10advanced half banner.bmp coz i am using the x10advanced plan, then I copy this link
to insert into x10advanced halfbanner.bmp

the link is this


would it be the same as installing the html and php code. if it would be same then I shall this it this way.

Just wanna know if my method would be able to ads for x10advanced since html and php cannot work on my computer where it have this security shield

can you look through the quote whether can i advertise x10hosting in this way, would I cause x10hosting to be undirected
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